Bird-of-Paradise Tropical Plant Strelitzia Nicolai
Bird of Paradise

With long, banana-shaped leaves that bow and bend delicately with a breeze, the Bird-of-Paradise delivers elegance and style with its unique shape and personality. Also known as “Strelitzia Nicolai,” this mid-high light plant is simply beautiful.

As a premium tall plant, it comes fully-designed with a sparkling sterling, light gray, classic container. Upon delivery, it measures approximately 66-72 inches tall, from the base of the container to the top of the plant. Fully mature, it can grow substantially larger.

(Frank Lloyd Wright students take note! Notice its natural symmetry, which provides structural balance and artistic beauty.)

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Bamboo Palm

Fantastically transformative tropical plant that injects personality and sass into any space. Unlike most tropical palms, it can grow in conditions with slightly less light—which makes it very popular. However, it prefers indirect, medium-high sunlight. These plants can live for over a decade if properly cared for and watered.

Fully mature, it can grow substantially larger. Sadly, tiki torches and daiquiris are not included.

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Tricolor Marginata "El Tito"
Tricolor Marginata “El Tito”

Our Tricolor Marginata “El Tito” is similar to the dragon tree. It has strap-like leaves with three colors—ivory, green and soft red. Fun, airy and breezy, it delivers the perfect facelift for any setting that lacks life and personality. Spunky and fun—just be sure to offer adequate light.

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Victoria Bella Palm inBlack Container
Victoria Bella Palm

The beautiful Victoria Bella Palm is versatile, elegant and extremely popular. Durable and functional, it's been a staple in residences and indoor settings since the Victoria era. It can tolerate lower light conditions, but truly shines with higher light conditions. Coupled with a modern container, this classic breezy plant makes a statement.

Our Victoria Palms come fully-designed with a sparkling sterling, light gray, classic container. The premium plastic container measures 12 inches in diameter. It also comes delivered with decorative artificial moss.  Perfect accent notes for a timeless jewel.

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