We offer three, installation-ready, package plant deals—perfect for businesses and corporate settings. Just choose your preferred plants designs, add any extras and check-out. It’s that easy.

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Wicker Park Plants Package
Wicker Park Green Plants Package

The Wicker Park package is our starter discount deal. With three fresh, live plants in three separate sizes, it's a great option for any home, studio or office. The anchor tall plants are beautiful and big. On average, they come delivered measuring 66-72 inches tall with varying wingspans.

$399.00 $319.00 Select options
Lincoln Park Plants Package
Lincoln Park Green Plants Package

Without a doubt, the Lincoln Park Plant Package is our maximum value option. We deliver five installation-ready, premium plant designs. The large and floor plant designs come in classic, sterling snow, light grey growing containers. With your personal selection for tabletop options, it offers everything you need to transform your space. And with free delivery and a 20% store-wide discount on additional items, its interior landscape design made smart and simple.

Simply customize your interior landscape with your choice of five separate designs below.

$549.99 $399.00 Select options
Hyde Park Plants Package
Hyde Park Green Plants Package

The Hyde Park Plant Package is our fully-loaded plan for businesses and designers on the move. If you need ten premium quality, installation-ready plants designs to transform an entire space—you have found it. Seamlessly integrated for maximum use, this premium ten-plant package includes free delivery and an additional 20% off store-wide purchases.

$1,099.00 $739.00 Select options