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Lincoln Park Green Plants Package

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Without a doubt, the Lincoln Park Plant Package is our maximum value option. We deliver five installation-ready, premium plant designs. The large and floor plant designs come in classic, sterling snow, light grey growing containers. With your personal selection for tabletop options, it offers everything you need to transform your space. And with free delivery and a 20% store-wide discount on additional items, its interior landscape design made smart and simple.

Simply customize your interior landscape with your choice of five separate designs below.

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    MedellínMarginata La Margarita Bird of Paradise
    Spath SupremeVictoria Bella Palm Lemon Lime Warneckii
    Spath SupremeVictoria Bella Palm Lemon Lime Warneckii
    Green Jade PearlBaby Lilly PearlGreen Jade in TealBaby Lilly in Teal
    Green Jade PearlBaby Lilly PearlGreen Jade in TealBaby Lilly in Teal
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All our tall and floor plants come draped in recycled paper that provides maximum breathability and protection. Our live plant designs include sterling snow, light grey plastic containers—commonly used in corporate settings. The tall plant containers measure 16 inches in diameter while the floor plants measure 12 inches. Fully-nested inside their containers, the tall plants measure 66-72 inches in height. The floor plant designs range in size , but the Spathiphyllum is generally tallest, widest and most durable.  As they mature, these plants may grow an additional 6-12 inches.

For more details about the plants, visit our Shop Page.

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Tall Plant Design: 1
Tall Plant Design Details: 1 Sterling Snow (Light Grey) Container 16 Inches Diameter
Tall Design Measurements:  66-72 Inches in Height & 24-38 Inches in Width

Floor Plant Designs: 2
Tall Plant Design Details: 2 Sterling Snow (Light Grey) Containers 12 Inches Diameter
Floor Design Measurements:  24-36 Inches in Height and 18-36 Inches in Width

Tabletop Designs: 2
Tabletop Plant Design Details: 2 stylish lightweight plastic containers 8-inches in diameter in your choice of color—pearl or teal
Tabletop Plant Design Measurements: 12-18 Inches in Height and 8-12 Inches in Width