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Tricolor Marginata “El Tito”


Our Tricolor Marginata “El Tito” is similar to the dragon tree. It has strap-like leaves with three colors—ivory, green and soft red. Fun, airy and breezy, it delivers the perfect facelift for any setting that lacks life and personality. Spunky and fun—just be sure to offer adequate light.

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As a mid-high light plant, avoid extended time in dark spaces. Indirect sunlight preferred. Moderate water—preferably filtered. Avoid stagnant water or containers that trap moisture for extended periods. 

Total Design Height: 66-72 Inches
Total Design Width: 30-36 Inches
Container Color: Sterling Snow (Light Grey)
Container Size: 16 Inches (Diameter)
Container Style: Classic American, Molded Commercial Plastic
Additional Container Cost: None. All-Inclusive
Artificial Moss Bed: Yes