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Tabletop Green Jade in Pearl Container


With robust dark green leaves and cream-colored accents, the Tabletop Green Jade in Pearl is a modern classic suitable for nearly anything. Its leaves delicately and gracefully flow everywhere—from wooden furniture and ceramic countertops to hanging baskets and trellis walls. This durable plant is always ready for action and is almost indestructible. With a pearl white container, this versatile plant is ready for nearly anything.

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Our tabletop Jades are quite durable. While they tolerate low light, medium lighting is preferable. Also known as epipremnum aureum, architects deploy ‘Jade’ virtually anywhere—from luxury hotels to residential kitchens.

The Green Jade can grow quite large and may eventually need some pruning.

Total Design Height: 12-14 Inches
Total Design Width: 8-12 Inches
Container Color: Pearl White
Container Size: 8 Inches (Diameter)
Container Style: Plastic
Additional Container Cost: None
Artificial Moss Bed: No
Living Plant: Yes