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“Spath Supreme”


Large, beautiful green leaves with classic white blooms, the Spath Supreme is a medium-sized floor plant that always delivers. It needs mid-low-level light and can transform a space. It’s elegant, reliable, memorable and tough. With origins in Asia and central America, the Supreme has a classic white stem and robust veins.

As a premium floor plant, it comes fully-designed with a sparkling sterling, light gray, classic container. We deliver our Supremes installation-ready and they generally the fullest floor plant we carry, which makes them quite popular!

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The Spathiphyllum or “Spath Supreme” thrives in a quality container with adequate water. This formidable plant can take neglect and abandonment in stride. If it starts to droop, give it some water and it generally snaps back to full form almost immediately. Some designers choose to cut the white stem with a pair of scissors when it blooms, but it’s your call. Relax and enjoy!

Total Design Height: 24-36 Inches
Total Design Width: 30-36 Inches
Container Color: Sterling Snow (Light Grey)
Container Size: 12 Inches (Diameter)
Container Style: Classic American, Molded Commercial Plastic
Additional Container Cost: None. All-Inclusive
Artificial Moss Bed: Yes
Living Plant: Yes