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Massangeana Medellín


This amazingly indestructible tall plant offers something for everyone. According to NASA, it removes toxins from the air with its big, bold, commanding dark green leaves. Our growers cultivate exceptionally healthy and durable Massangeanas. From the lush green hills of Colombia's Medellin valley to the tropics, Spain and southeast Asia, this wonderful plant finds a home nearly everywhere. Incredibly durable and green—the Massangeana Medellín fires on all cylinders.

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The Massangeana Medellín has a very distinctive trunk. Give it five-six years, and it can takeover a hallway or office corner if left unattended. The inner part of the dark green leaves are generally light green or yellow.  This formidable species can handle low light and neglect very well—which makes it incredibly popular choice for many offices, homes and plant-care novices.

Total Design Height: 66-72 Inches
Total Design Width: 24-30 Inches
Container Color: Sterling Snow (Light Grey)
Container Size: 16 Inches (Diameter)
Container Style: Classic American, Molded Commercial Plastic
Additional Container Cost: None. All-Inclusive
Artificial Moss Bed: Yes