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“Janet Craig” Dracaena


This lush green plant can really sparkle—especially when matched with a stylish container that offsets other furniture, flooring or wall art. Also known as “Dracaena Deremensis,” they thrive with mid-high sunlight but are very durable.

The Janet Craig comes fully-designed with a sparkling sterling, light gray, classic container. It also comes delivered with decorative artificial moss. Inject energy and life into any space or design with this classic, Jack-of-all-trades.

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Janet Craig’s occasionally require basic pruning if branches and leaves overgrow. Maximize plant-life with even watering and avoid stagnant water or cold temperatures. Drip trays strongly encouraged. Avoid harsh direct light because it may burn or brown leaves with time.

Total Design Height: 28-36 Inches
Total Design Width: 24-36 Inches
Container Color: Sterling Snow (Light Grey)
Container Size: 12 Inches (Diameter)
Container Style: Classic American, Molded Commercial Plastic
Additional Container Cost: None. All-Inclusive
Artificial Moss Bed: Yes
Living Plant: Yes