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Archway Kentia


Classic, beautiful 5.5-foot Archway Kentia Palm. Perfect for medium-light settings in any office, home or setting. This palm is timeless, traditional and beautifully functional for any environment. Historically, these palms would guard the entry point of doorways and gates—hence their name.

As a premium tall plant, it comes fully-designed with a sparkling sterling, light gray, classic container. Upon delivery, it measures approximately 66-70 inches tall, from the base of the container to the top of the plant. Fully mature, it can grow substantially larger. Enjoy these jewel!

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As a tropical plant, it cannot tolerate frost and could never survive a Chicago Winter (or Spring or Fall). With multiple stems and beautiful, bending arches, this palm require slightly acidic soil and come delivered as such from our growers. It’s perfect for any office or home setting.


Total Design Height: 66-72 Inches
Total Design Width: 38-34 Inches
Container Color: Sterling Snow (Light Grey)
Container Size: 16 Inches (Diameter)
Container Style: Classic American, Molded Commercial Plastic
Additional Container Cost: None. All-Inclusive
Artificial Moss Bed: Yes
Live Plant: Yes