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Office interior decorating & design tips

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A well-designed office environment can increase morale and motivation. It can also improve workplace efficiency and save your business money. So here are a few cost-cutting tips for interior designing.


1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint—especially white paint—is one of the cheapest things you can do to improve the feel of any office.

Unless you’re a tattoo parlor, avoid colors that can overwhelm or irritate employees over time. Snap Pea Green might seem like a good idea today, but over time, your coworkers may associate that color with bad things—like excel spreadsheets, customer complaints and being away from family. White paint also makes rooms appear larger.


2. Wall fabric or tapestry

Avoid transforming every wall into an art gallery. Generally speaking, you should keep things simple. However, you may want to accent an occasional wall with a fabric or tapestry. Wall fabrics cost very little, so they can be replaced if you get bored over time.


3. Simplicity & personal space

Since square footage costs money, its no wonder personal space is one of the biggest complaints that HR departments face. Simplicity and clean design elements can make small spaces feel larger.

So avoid clutter. Do not decorate every nook-and-cranny. The psychology of simplicity can impact attitude and performance.


4. Natural light and floor lighting

Ask anyone who works in a hospital and they’ll probably start complaining. The absence of windows and overuse of bright, artificial ceiling lights can drive people crazy. It can also make employees depressed. So take ever step possible to maximize natural light!

When done properly, floor lighting, desk lamps and other forms of decorative lighting can also create homey, inviting office settings.

5. Absolutely no cubicles

In an interview with the BBC, a British-based architect described cubicles as “a disease, a pathology of the office.” Cubicles were “designed” to offer some privacy and maximize space. But in reality, they offer neither.

Employees hate them and they cost real money. So avoid the curse of the cubes at ALL costs!


6. Used or reclaimed furniture

Good furniture costs money. But why settle for mass produced metal garbage furniture, when you can get real authenticity with a little elbow grease & creativity?

Explore great deals on Craigslist for furniture. If you have some extra paint or spare time, you can transform dingy furniture into something new and modern. Also, older wooden furniture is generally really well built.

7. Indoor plants

Nothing can awaken a stiff room or office like a large, living plant. There’s scientific evidence that actually proves the health benefits of living plants in workspaces. After all, human biology is designed to live and work outdoors.

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