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Great Chicago Farmers Markets

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Farmers markets are a great way to enjoy the city, support small businesses, empower growers and get your groceries. So gather the girlfriends or grab a date. Here are three, must-see markets you should check-out.


 Wicker Park Farmers Market

1425 North Damen Avenue
8:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m.
Sundays from mid-June—late-Oct.

From flowers, vegetables, crepes and pastries to grass-fed meat, organic kale and chilli peppers, Wicker Park has an amazing neighborhood farmers market. It’s located right near Damon Blue Line “L” station and the legendary Big Star restaurant—known for fantastic Mexican food and tacos al pastor.

This market attracts vendors from across Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and beyond. Celebrated Chicago chef Rick Bayless has been spotted here before as well as other local celebrities.


 Logan Square Farmers Market

3107 West Logan Blvd
10:00 a.m. — 3:00 p.m.
Sunday mid-May—October

If you like energy, action and the smell of fresh flowers billowing from 5-gallon buckets, this is your Sunday market. Logan Square is an incredibly popular Chicago experience that carries seasonal fruits, fruit-filled pastries, tomatoes, organic vegetables, greens, herbs and so much more.

Its a magnet for hipsters, teens, young families, parents with strollers, dogs, tourists, bicyclists and everything in between. When you’re done, stop by one of the many local favorites, including The Owl or Lula’s Cafe, for a drink and some food. Check out the Logan Square market website for more updated information.


 Naperville Famers Market

200 East 5th Ave, Naperville
7:00 a.m.—noon
Sunday from June-Sept.

Located right off of the iconic 5th Avenue train station on Saturday mornings from June-September, Naperville has one of the best markets in DuPage County. Enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, jellies, meats, eggs, cookies, popcorn, soap and more.

Bring cash and get there early because they generally wrap-up at noon. Packed with families from around the area, its a great place to take a date. If its fall or spring, make it an outdoor double-header and visit the Naperville Riverwalk for a charming stroll through nature. Nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church is said to host a local market every Wednesday from 3:00- 7:00.


Bannana Peppers

Carrot Bunches


Real Nutrients

Until you try locally grown carrots and banana peppers, you have no idea what you’re missing. Grab a handbag and some cash—the vitamin D is free!


Political Applause

While our elected officials drive us crazy, we should applaud them for making Illinois Link cards (i.e. food stamp benefits) available for use at many Chicago-area farmers markets. If you visit any local markets, please make sure they accepts Link beneficiaries.

The City of Chicago has a site that lists some additional information and updates about Chicago-area farmers markets.

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