Holiday Wreath Fundraiser

Scout Troop 690 | Elmwood Park


Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

Boy Scout Troop 690 has been part of St. Celestine Church and School for over 77 years. Our troop is hosting an annual Christmas wreath fundraiser to raise funds for our Scout camping trips.

Online order & pay

This year we are making it easy to order your wreaths and pay with a credit card. Just make your selection, proceed to check-ou, and use the following coupon code: TROOP690.

To purchase a 24-inch wreath, click here.

Deadlines & pick-up

We need to receive all orders by October 31. The wreaths will be delivered to the church and available for pick-up. Chicago Office Plants is helping us out with discount pricing and bulk purchasing.

For more information about our troop, contact