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Premium quality for offices

Discounts on package deals—perfect for offices and large one-time sales. Simply buy online and quickly create your interior landscape project.


We source from premium nurseries because quality plants live longer, healthier lives. Our simple online store streamlines the process. It’s commonsense, cost-savings and quality plants.

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Real farms & dependable growers deliver premium quality indoor plants.


With innovation & customers who buy online, we reduce costs, overhead & waste.


We deliver premium green plants that thrive indoors. Self-care & commonsense wins.

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Plants are investments just like furniture. Quality plants look better, live longer and ultimately save you money.

Office plants—no contract

Smart, simple interior landscaping

By eliminating overhead, we deliver premium quality tropical plants from select nurseries at lower cost. Our fresh, indoor plants come draped in paper sleeves that allow breathability and protection.

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Guaranteed e-mail support service across Chicago

For maintenance questions, we offer guaranteed e-mail support service for our customers. From the western suburbs, Naperville, Hinsdale, Downers Grove, Oak Brook to Chicago’s Loop, email us a picture and we will respond. Most of our customers prefer self-cared office plants, but if you need service or maintenance help for larger projects, we can also help.